About Me


I have a deep passion for the creation of art, specifically in the medium of glass. The process of working with glass brings me immense joy. It has the remarkable ability to be both subtle and bold, possessing a captivating transparency with a hint of sparkle or an elegant matte finish.

Within my glass art practice, I explore a wide range of styles and techniques.


Kiln Forming - Fused Glass

One technique I employ is kiln forming. This involves using sheet glass, frit (small glass particles), and powders to construct a piece, which is then heated in a glass kiln. The specific programming of the kiln determines the outcome of the piece through the interplay of heat and gravity.

Lampworking - Torchwork

Another method I utilize is lampworking, also known as torchwork. With the use of a flame from a torch, I melt glass rods until they reach a molten state. This allows me to create intricate details through shaping and manipulation.

Many of my artworks incorporate elements from both kiln forming and lampworking techniques.

I find inspiration in the beauty of nature and the intricate patterns it holds. 



 'Evergreen' was the Winner of the People’s Choice Award at Melbourne’s 2024 Flower Show!
This accolade is a testament to the beauty and sustainability that 'Evergreen' represents.


1.5 m X 1.9 m x 1.9m