Artist Statement

The Sculpture 'Evergreen' represents durability, development, and consistency. Even though the steel tree is rusted, it still displays strength and steadfastness. Despite the challenging and unpredictable conditions in Australia, fresh life blooms with delicate and bright green glass flowers.


Evergreen, a magnificent steel tree adorned with 82 exquisite glass flowers, was a product of an extraordinary collaboration between Cath McClintock, a highly talented steel artist, and myself. The meticulous work required many hours of our time, but every single moment was an enjoyable one. Each flower is a unique representation of different stages of blooming, emphasizing the individuality of each bloom. The flowers are ingeniously held in place by neodymium magnets and mounting tape, allowing for safe removal during transportation. However, upon installation at its permanent location, we will use heavy-duty outdoor adhesive to ensure the flowers remain firmly attached to the steel stems. In the unlikely event of any damage, spare flowers will be provided for replacement purposes.

Dimensions: 150 cm x 194 cm x 194 cm 

$17,800 AUD

Back in January 2024 - At the moment, this website is being developed and unfortunately, my online shop is not open. I am currently focused on creating a large project (by my own standards) that will feature more than 50 blossoms. (The project grew -92 flowers in total!). These are a few of them that are currently being assembled on my work desk. Each center will require a glass implosion to be made on my Bravo Torch. My goal is to showcase this piece at the Melbourne International Flower Show in March 2024.

Making Progress with my latest project. 55 completed flowers.  I got to spend some time on my Bravo Torch making small frit implosions for the flower centres. Working in the torch is like an meditation. Slowly watching the glass become molten, the addition of frit to a disc and then the implosion of that frit. Still gives me a buzz.