Kangaroo Ground. A source of inspiration.

Patterns fused within glass layers - from my Solar Flare Series.

A Reluctant Website.

Creating a website to showcase my artistic endeavours is, quite frankly, the last thing I want to do. Computer savvy? I am Not! I began conducting research and discovered a whole world of unfamiliar acronyms such as UI (user interface) and UX (user design). The question arises: should I opt for a hierarchical, sequential, matrix, or database structure? And then there's this thing called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Hold on a second! 

It's all so overwhelming for a solitary and introverted individual like myself who just wants to be in my rustic studio, affectionately named 'The Shedio,' nestled among majestic red box eucalypts, surrounded by the cheerful melodies of small birds, and occasionally observed from afar by a group of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. I live in a beautiful place called Kangaroo Ground located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria , Australia.


My true love.

What I truly long to do is create art, specifically in the form of glass art. I have worked with various forms of glass for 20 years. Firstly glass mosaics, then lamp working, and now kiln formed glass. Working with glass is an absolute delight. It possesses the unique ability to be both subtle and bold, transparent with a touch of sparkle or matte and sophisticated.

My glass art practice encompasses a wide range of styles. On one hand, I have the capacity to craft vibrant and colourful glass flowers and birds. On the other hand, I delve into more profound themes and allow my art to convey serious messages. Climate Change.  Loss of habitat. Our coral reefs are in dire straits. Those exquisite coral structures that captivate with their brilliant hues, intricate designs, and delicate forms are slowly perishing. It is this very issue that inspires my current artwork.




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